During the stay at the Kunstnernes Hus, which day of the ceremony impressed you the most?

Both the “Drop Everything and Read Day,” and “World Art Day” was special to me, I guess because I felt like the activities those days brought us together.

What happened on that day? What were you doing?

I think the ceremony we had on the day we would have had our opening was very special. It was “World Art Day”, and I had a strong feeling of togetherness with the rest of the class, and also with out teachers that came. The dean's speech made me cry, and the common rope-jump made me laugh. We ate and drank together, danced and sang.

If you could take away one thing from The Great Indoors, what would it be? It could be an object, healing, action, moment, or experience, etc.

“I would take with me trust in each other.”

(Text: Elina Waage Mikalsen)