World Art Day

During the stay at the Kunstnernes Hus, which day of the ceremony impressed you the most?

World Art Day

What happened on that day? What were you doing? 

That was the most unforgettable and intimate opening party I have ever participated in my life. I am honored that I was one of the artists in this group exhibition or collaboration. A lot of things happened that day. We invited the FKDS artists from the back side of the building to witness our opening ceremony. Our dean and professors also came and had a meal together. We did the jump rope together to celebrate our graduation. Our whole class successfully jumped twice. The first circle was for our own solo graduation exhibition, and the second circle was for this art residency.  A lot of touching things happened on that day. For me, it was the day when Rickard and I filmed the Confession Room scene. We invited our classmates and curator to confess their own thoughts one by one in a red room. Someone shared some stories, someone shared their views on this art-residency and some people shared where was the best spot for French Kiss in The Great Indoors.

After the dinner, Rickard and I decided to show the first cut of the Confession Room scene in the Projection Room to the class. In that 30 minutes of the first cut, we looked at ourselves on the screen, we heard others’ thoughts about the residency, and I started realising that the things I wanted to do and the things I still haven’t achieved, or things that can happen the next day. It turns out that when the gentle souls gather together, a sense of healing can permeate the environment, like air.

If you could take away one thing from The Great Indoors, what would it be? It could be an object, healing, action, moment, or experience, etc.

I feel that I have gradually taken away the friendship and connection from The Great Indoors every day.  We trust in each other, willing to give and take, no one forces others; you can be in the group today or not.

At the same time, I feel that The Great Indoors took away my past definition on the making of group exhibition. Since the beginning of 2021, we have been discussing the graduation group exhibition at Kunstnernus Hus. How should we and art institutions respond to and face all these uneasiness and changes in these times. And the most urgent thing we think of is collective healing. How can we use the method of collaboration to create the sense of collective healing in this room? The feeling of being healed and being trusted from others, become something I would continue to seek/contribute in the art world.

(Text: Yu Shuk Pui Bobby)