18.04 International Amateur Radio Day

During the stay at the Kunstnernes Hus, which day of the ceremony impressed you the most?

International Amateur Radio Day

What happened on that day? What were you doing?

Eirik had set up a little radio studio in KH with an antenna at the roof - and a sound studio in the director’s office with a view over the outdoors. Rickard was the host of the broadcast, and during the day we played some recordings from ASMR day. Jinbin talked about dating in Norwegian. Montserrat and Helle did some readings. And Open Forum had a segment with Elin Már Øyen Vister from Røst. I had the pleasure of just hanging around, listening to all the planned and unplanned moments. The day made me very proud of the group, and it was exciting to sit inside of KH knowing that our broadcast was out in the world, On FM 90,5.

If you could take away one thing from The Great Indoors, what would it be? It could be an object, healing, action, moment, or experience, etc.

I would do a take-away of the lunch we had on Chinese Language Day! Super good and cosy. Bobby showed me how to make small rice balls filled with good stuff. And in general: sharing the meals, and preparing and eating and being together through food. That was some of the nicest things for me.

And also the absence of pressure from the outside to produce art, that was so rewarding. It created a space for fun, play, dancing, creativity and it became a good place to be in. TGI will be a project that stays in my mind and has a place in my heart for the rest of my life 

(Text: Øyvind Novak Jenssen)

The Great Indoors Radio
Programme 1 of 4:
A lesson of how to flirt in Norwegian by JinBin Chen

* It is a head to toe thing, not only about talking. So follow at your own risk. * Ten sentences to use to show your vulnerability when you flirt.



Ikke lur meg

Klem meg

Kritiser meg

Hold meg med selskap

Ledsag meg til å gjøre ensomhet til tapperhet

Ledsag meg for å finne svaret

Ledsag meg for å fullføre historien


Do not fool me

Hug me

Criticize me

Accompany me

Accompany me to turn the loneliness into the bravery

Accompany me to find the answer

Accompany me to finish the story

Du må unnskylde at jeg dytter deg unna, men jeg er ikke vant med denne formen for kjærlighet
Please forgive me to push you away, because I am not familiar with this kind of love

Selv om jeg har litt lengsel etter din side i mitt hjertet, sier jeg ikke det
Although I have a little longing for your side in my heart, I do not say that

Kjærligheten din er som kvikksand. Jeg sliter ikke. La det gå. Jeg er ikke redd.
Your love is like drift sand. I do not struggle. Let it go. I am not afraid.

Da du fortalte meg at du ville oppleve det, tenkte jeg å gi deg den opplevelsen.
When you told me you wanted to experience it, I thought about giving you that experience.

Tenk på deg selv som et objekt, og det vil bli mye enklere.
Think of Yourself as an Object and It Will Become Much Easier.

Jeg håper det ikke sjokkerte deg. Jeg ble litt overrasket over meg selv at jeg gjorde dette. Fordi jeg vanligvis ikke gjør denne typen ting.
I Hope it did not Shock You. I was a bit surprised by myself that I did this.

Because I Usually Don ́t Do this kind of things.

Jeg er så lei meg for å plage deg. Og jeg håper du har det bra.
I am so sorry to inconvenience you. I hope you are fine.

Jeg vil fortelle deg hele historien en annen gang hvis du minner meg om det
I will tell you the whole story another time if you remind me

Du vet, hvis du til slutt trenger tid til andre ting enn meg, forstår jeg.
You know, if in the end you need your time for other things than me, I understand.