International ASMR day
During the stay at the Kunstnernes Hus, which day of the ceremony impressed you the most?

If I had to choose, I would probably go for the International ASMR day. The day seemed to be vividly fruitful and memorable in retrospect.

What happened on that day? What were you doing?

“Brooms and recorders in hands, it must be in the beginning of our journey.

Unfolding the day by sharing a breakfast as planned, the dining table is covered entirely with the bubble wraps - a suggestion, an invitation for playing with sounds based on our wills. We touch almost every surface of the items in the rooms, chewing, exhaling into the microphones, recording our sensational observations. We watch a few ASMR videos, we fall asleep together.

Bray, bray. Weee!
Scratch, scratch, scratch.
Bubble, bubble, bubble.
Bubble, bubble.

We are as grains meeting brooms, bouncing, reading the air, and then landing on each other with love and care. I read the messages from the sounds, being in a trance. And I don't feel safe in the beginning of the three-week residency, the space is too enormously high for me. It is limited on the other hand, the fresh air does not come in, the vision is contained by the gigantic white.

We are blocked, no? It reminds me of the time, several waiting rooms during the pandemic. Almost up until now, I realise the energy what we have aimed for through staying together, listening to each other, healing ourselves, unveiling the concept of being together. It is now landing on my brain, seemingly. I think I am also relatively mentally available for processing all the lost in time, understanding the moments that we have shared better.

The corner of my mouth curves upwards when I review all the images on a screen here, distorting a little.”

If you could take away one thing from The Great Indoors, what would it be? It could be an object, healing, action, moment, or experience, etc.

I would like to take away the ping-pong table!

(Text: Jacky Jaan-Yuan Kuo)